Dogs of Read DL

This year, we noticed a loge amount of our four-legged community decided to join in the reading fun. We thought it would be nice to acknowledge them for taking the time to read, and not chase after sticks instead. So without further ado, here are our furry readers:

Tasha is a Shih Tzu with only two front teeth. She loves reading and wearing jumpers.

Dinah loves to read and make her human Max (student of Errigal college) to do her bidding.

Lionel, the proud owner of Declan (a TY student of Errigal College), loves to read and wear glasses at the exact same time.

Max likes to read and smile while doing do.

After a big day of reading, Riley likes to pose by the book for his many instagram followers.

This is Yoshi. He is not a dog, but he’s nearly the size of the book and wanted some recognition for that.