Tuesday 29 March: Getting Crafty

It’s here! Weeks and weeks of reading, crafting and learning chess, we can now celebrate Check Mates with our annual reading festival. Each day has been inspired by a creative theme, and today is “Getting Crafty”. Wooo… we’re excited already!

It’s me! The bonus icon!

Each of the events will be going live at 10am (Aoife’s Art Workshop), 11am (YouthReach Art and Sculpture Display) and 12pm (“The Benefits of Being Creative” Interview). During the live events you can leave comments, and then they will be available to rewatch after. So there will be lots of opportunities to paint, listen, and browse our special virtual art gallery. We will also have come bonus content each day… because we just love surprises! Keep an eye out for the special bonus icon to keep up-to-date.

Also, this year we have official Read DL Reporters who will be announcing what is coming up at 09:30am every morning. We also have official Read DL Book Reviewers who will be sharing their thoughts on the book.

We hope you enjoy. Remember to send us pictures of what you are doing during the festival and use the hashtag #ReadDL2022 on your social media pages to get noticed. We hope you enjoy, fellow Check Mates!

A Special Welcome

We kickstart the launch with our official Reporters and a very special guest…

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Art and Creativity

Interview: Aoife, The ADHD Learning Curve, and ADHD Ireland

Writing Workshop


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How do you like to spend time with your Grandparents?

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Book Review

Our first book review if from our avid reader Ava Dunleavy from Loreto Convent Letterkenny. Take it away, Ava!

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