Poetry Top Tips!

Every week, Read DL will be posting up a series of tips to help you write poetry. This will be very useful for all of those thinking of taking part in our Creative Writing competition (updates on that very soon!). In the meantime, here’s our first pro-poetry tip:

Are you wanting to write poetry, but don’t quite know where to start? Well the first thing you need is INSPIRATION, so make sure to bring a notebook and pen with you wherever you go. It’s important to start to see the world around you, and really see it: if you notice some birds huddling together, jot that down; if you hear an interesting word, or phrase, or see the sunlight dance off a shiny new car, make note of it. The world is really interesting when you start to look! Then read what you have written aloud, and don’t be afraid to make changes if necessary. Remember your first scribbles are the idea-generators, and then you revise and make it the poem you want it to be!

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